Five ways to improve your résumé tonight

For the do-it-yourselfers: Quick résumé fixes in a pinch.

  1. Insert a résumé title. Are you a Project Manager? An Executive Chef? An Accountant? Why not add that info to your résumé title to let the reader know your specialty up front?
  2. Create obvious, consistent headers. If you needed to hire someone, you’d want their résumé to be easy to navigate. Don’t make your audience work hard to get the info they seek. Delineate your résumé sections clearly to provide a virtual road map for the reader.
  3. Showcase your A’s. Highlight awards, accolades, achievements, and accomplishments in the top half of the first page. Don’t bury them near the bottom or on subsequent pages.
  4. Organize your qualifications wisely. If you have skills, education, certifications, or experience that’s applicable to the job you’re chasing, move that info to the top of the first page under a summary, strengths, or accomplishments header.
  5. Do not fear white space. White space helps draw the reader’s eyes to the areas you want them to find.
  6. (BONUS TIP) Proofread like there’s no tomorrow. If your résumé has errors, odds are good you won’t be receiving a phone call. Proofread it again and again, then send it to a friend to review. Then read it again. Do not skimp on this step – check your work!
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